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How to setup Sunrise Door Software products Using Synchronet/LINUX

Synchronet/Linux Setup

Authored by: Ralph Butler
BBS: Zenobyte (Zenolab BBS)

Synchronet External Program (Door)
Name: The Quest For Nora
Internal Code: TQFN
Start-up Directory: ..\xtrn\tqfn
Command Line:tqfn.bat %#
Clean Up Command Line:
Execution Cost: None
Access Requirements:
Multiple Concurrent Users: Yes
Intercept I/O Interrupts: No
Native Executable: No
Modify User Data: No
Execute on Event: No
BBS Drop File Type: GAP door.sys (can use lowercase)
Place Drop File In: Start-Up Directory (Make sure it's the same path on the game config)
Time Options...

Install the game by making the directory inside Synchronet XTRN Folder: /sbbs/xtrn/tqfn
Configure using qfncfg.exe nodes to use DOS path you specified for XTRN folder in DOSEMU

1. Path to your Drop File: x:\tqfn\door.sys

On autoexec.bat make sure you have your Synchronet xtrn folder mapped to a drive letter.
- lredir X: linux\fs/sbbs/xtrn (X=Drive letter of your choice)

Make sure you have ANSI drivers loaded in config.sys I used nansi.sys provided by DOSEMU
- device=d:\bin\nansi.sys

To correct runtime error problems with some executables:
- download and load at startup

Moving Eye Line

Moving Eye Line

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