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Choose and download the 16-Bit version from here. There are 2 files in this download which have to be installed indivdually and processed in the sequence as described below.

(1) Run IBBSNODEInstallxx.EXE (may have to run twice). This will install/create a folder structure C:\SunriseDoorSoftware\SDS-InterBBS. This folder will contain ALL files and folders required for SUNRISE 16-BIT INTERBBS

(2)Run IBBSINIInstallxx.EXE. This will create the InterBBS.INI file

At this point an icon should have been placed on your desktop that can be used to run the INTERBBS process, manually. Should you want to run the process in an automated fashion, you can use any app that performs this or use the built-in capability available in many BBS or operating system software packages. The following should be used in the automated process to execute the InterBBS process:

IMPORTANT: Please note that Sunrise Door Software Support STRONGLY SUGGESTS that you ensure you delete ALL .ISC and .USR files in ALL door game folders, and PLAY THE GAME at least ONCE, PRIOR to running the InterBBS process for the first time!

In addition to all the above, please bear in mind that the individual CFG files are required to contain specific values for specific CFG line entries! One web page contains these values for your reference and it can be found here.


(1) Obtain an InterBBS ID number from here.
(2) For EACH of the Doors that will participate in InterBBS, enter the InterBBS ID number in the respective DOOR CFG files. The line you will want to replace is the line containing 3 zeroes (000)
(3) For EACH of the Doors you will running InterBBS, use this file to find the Door in the matrix. Under each Door name there will be line numbers that correspond to the line numbers in the individual DOOR CFG files. Make sure that the values in the DOOR CFG file MATCH the values in this file.
(4) Create an InterBBS INBOUND directory (ex. c:\ibbsin)
(5) Create an InterBBS OUTBOUND directory (ex. c:\ibbsout)
(6) Move the INTERBBS.WCX to the \WC5 directory
(7) Move the FTPS.EXE to any directory. You will be asked for the location when you run IBBSINI below!
(8) Install the IBBSINI.WCX file by moving the WCX to the \WC5 directory. You can add the program to the sysops menu as you have done with the other Sunrise Door products. Run the IBBSINI program from the Sysops Menu OR you can run this from the WC5 directory by dropping to DOS and typing the following:

wcrun -r ibbsini

Be sure to respond to all the questions asked as the INTERBBS.INI file created will be used to run the INTERBBS process.

At this point InterBBS is setup and ready to be run!

(9) Once everything is setup drop to DOS and type the following:

wcrun -r interbbs

If everything runs correctly you should see a successful completion message. Now setup your system to automatically run the INTERBBS process every 2 hours on the half hour or any other interval you desire.

IMPORTANT: On the first of the month you must ensure that your last score file, that contains the final scores for the prior month, makes it to Sunrise Door Software no later than 0925 EST/EDT. Failure to send by that time will mean that any scores accumulated since your last transmission will not be figured into the prior month's High Score calculation.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the Door game, you must ensure that the information for each Door CFG file conforms to what is defined here for that particular Door. Failure to comply will result in the file being rejected.

Moving Eye Line

Moving Eye Line

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